Firmware Update

Dlink Router Firmware Upgrade

D-link could also be a renowned name within the network and communication industry especially within the sector of routers. They’re known for providing quality service to their customers, the services included being, high-speed browsing, strong and stable internet connectivity and variety in their range of dlink router firmware upgrade  models. Its diversity includes products like switches, surveillance network cameras, firewalls, iSCSI SANs and business wireless, while consumer products engulf consumer wireless devices, broadband devices, and thus the Digital Home devices (as well which include media players, storage, and surveillance cameras, etc. But every D-Link router has its own pain also as gains.

The pains include the dis-connectivity from the online, unstable connection, slow internet speed and much of more. Just in case you face any trouble, you need to contact the Technical support for D’Link to Upgrade Firmware on D-link Router. Also, as well as you’ll communicate with our experts and team members via our toll-free no. for the Customer Support number for D’Link which is additionally available on our website dlink tech Usually, routers provide errors just in case of internet dis-connectivity, slow connection and unstable connection and far of more faults. This might be due to the ignorance of up-gradation of firmware on your router. Upgradation should be done by a wired connection between your D-Link router and computer.

D-Link Router Firmware Upgrade, Follow the subsequent Steps

  1. Open your computer, launch the online browser and download the newest firmware from or your local D-Link support website.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the firmware, type into the URL address bar.
  3. A login prompt will open before you asking for your username and password. Enter the username as “admin” and they leave the password field blank.
  4. After checking the online and wireless settings, tap on manual setup. On the highest of the setup page you’ll notice a “maintenance” tab. Click thereon then shift to a special option “firmware upgrade” present on the left side of the screen.
  5. Tap on the browse button under the firmware upgrade option and click on the Browse button and locate the .bin file downloaded and mentioned in step 1 and highlight the file by clicking thereon once then open.
  6. Click on the “Upload” choice to upgrade firmware. It’d take a short time for the upgrade to end. As well as confirmation window will appear when the upgrade is complete
  7. Now click on Continue. Congrats! The firmware is now upgraded.
D-Link Router Firmware Upgrade, Follow the subsequent Steps