D-Link Router Login

D-Link Router Login

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D-link routers are the simplest options just in case of the wireless router, Modem-cum-router, dlink wireless extender, etc. Whenever you want to access the settings for the D-Link wireless router, use a web browser and type www.dlinkrouter.local.  As well as it will take you to the web-based management page. Here you’ll manage the Network settings and reserve it. Once you update the new settings for your router, it normally takes a minimum of 1-2 minutes to point out the new change on your router. While fixing the D-Link router login, confirm you’ll connect the router on to the wall jack (power source). Use the coaxial cable on your computer to line up the D-Link router to avoid dis-connectivity.

D-Link Router Login

First of all connect your PC/Laptop to D-Link Router login either through the WiFi network or using an coaxial cable. You just got to hook up with the dlinkrouter.local, a lively internet connection isn’t required. Here is how you’ll log in to your D-Link wireless Router’s Admin Panel and make changes to your WiFi settings:-

1. Once connected, on your PC, open a web browser.

2. In the address bar of the web browser, type or and press Enter. Alternatively, you can also type the following links instead of the default gateway address; http://dlinkrouter or http://dlinkrouter.local.

3. You will be taken to the login page of your D-Link Router and to continue, you will have to enter the D-Link router login username and password.

4. By default, the username is admin and a password is not required. Hence if you’ve got not changed the admin login username and password then you’ll log in using the default credentials. You can find the default login credentials of your router on a label at the side or back of your D-Link router. You can also search on the web for the default login credentials of your D-Link router model.

5. Enter the login credentials and log in to your D-Link Router.

6. Once you are logged in, all the settings of your router and your WiFi network can be changed from there.

D-Link Router Login

How to change the D-Link WiFi SSID?

1. Log in to the Admin Panel of your D-Link router by following the aforementioned method.

2. Once you’re inside the admin panel, go to Wireless Settings and click on Manual Wireless Network Setup

3. Next to the Wireless Network Name/SSID field, enter your new SSID.

4. Click on Save Settings to change the SSID.

5. After the SSID is changed, all the previously connected devices will be disconnected and you will have to connect to the network again from those devices.

How to change the D-Link WiFi password?

1. Log in to the Admin Panel of your D-Link router by following the method mentioned above.

2. Once logged in to the Admin Panel, go to Wireless Settings > Manual Wireless Network Setup.

3. Scroll down to the Wireless Security Mode and select WPA-2. In the Pre Shared Key section, enter your new WiFi password in the given field, ranging from 8-63 characters consisting of alphabets, digits, and special characters.

4. Click on Save Settings to confirm the password change. The Router will now reboot and all the previously connected devices will be disconnected.

How to recover my lost or forgotten Wireless (Wi-Fi) password on my D-Link router via http://dlinkrouter.local?

In order to recover your Wireless (Wi-Fi) password of your D-Link router, you would like to login to the D-Link Web-based configuration page by typing dlinkrouter.local. This article provides a step by step process to recover your D-Link router Wi-Fi password. This process can take a couple of minutes to finish the method. As well as please read the notes carefully before starting the password recovery process. There are two methods to recover the Wi-Fi password, first one is thru Wi-Fi Protected setup or Manually changing your password.

How to recover my lost or forgotten Wireless (Wi-Fi) password on my D-Link router via http://dlinkrouter.local?

1. Your device must be connected to the D-Link wireless router either wired or wireless.

2. We highly recommend you to use a wired connection to finish the password recovery process.

3. Follow this text if you’re facing issues like.

4. Some devices aren’t connecting on the D-link router.

5. Forget your current dlink WiFi password

6. D-Link router not accepting current WiFi password

7. Someone got the access of your dlink Wireless network

8. D-Link default WiFi password not working

Some common issue with D-Link router setup


  • HTTP:/dlinkrouter.local not loading
  • Dlink router login page not loading
  • Default dlink login admin password not working
  • unable to access D-Link router setup page
  • Not getting D-Link setup wizard
  • D-Link wireless network not showing
  • Http:// D-Link IP address not working.
  • D-Link WiFi password not working